We have fun and do amazing things for our community! Redlands Rotary is actively seeking new members. If you have an interest in supporting our community, particularly kids, having an effect with Rotary International’s programs  and having some fun on Fridays, please consider joining us.

Redlands Rotary in Grand Junction serves Partners, JUCO, Salvation Army, school children and our community.

We understand that working professionals have busy schedules so our club is flexible. We don't take a lot of your time but our community benefits greatly from the contributions of Redlands Rotarians.

We’d love to have you as our guest for lunch to get acquainted. Please contact club president Frank Lindemann to make arrangements. flindemann@capitalmds.com or call 970-216-3879

community projects


The Redlands Rotary club continues to serve the community in Grand Junction. Our club sponsors a junior college World Series team each year, helps pack Christmas food packages for the Salvation Army and joins other Rotary clubs in the Grand Valley in purchasing and distributing dictionaries to all third-graders.

mesa county partners


Our club's passion is supporting Mesa County Partners, one of the most successful juvenile mentoring and restitution programs in the nation. Redlands Rotary holds its "St. Patrick's Day Massacre'' each March with proceeds going to Partners. The most recent event raised nearly $20,000 for Partners' annual Superstars fundraising event.

It was a fantastic 2017 Redlands Rotary St. Patrick's Day Massacre! With a preliminary total, some checks are in the mail, Redlands Rotary was able to raise $12,875 dollars in under an hour to benefit Partners, the Partners' Foundation, and the Rotary Foundation! Please contact us at flindemann@capitalmds.com or call 970-216-3879 to make a donation to Partners or Redlands Rotary. Thank you to all of our supporters. 

Redlands rotary club       grand junction, Colorado

Meetings are held at 12 p.m. on Fridays 
at Two Rivers Convention Center,
​2nd & Main​ St., ​Grand Junction, Colorado