During the holiday season, Redlands Rotarians
​gather to fill food boxes for the Salvation Army

Redlands Rotarians deliver dictionaries to third-graders every December

Every year Redlands Rotary in Grand Junction donates to multiple causes including
Mesa County Partners, JUCO (Junior College World Series), Salvation Army, as well as school children and other our nonprofits in our community.

Redlands Rotary Grand Junction

Meetings are held at 12 p.m. on Fridays 
at Two Rivers Convention Center,
​2nd & Main​ St., ​Grand Junction, Colorado

Redlands Rotary hosts a baseball team
in the JUCO tournament that is
​held in Grand Junction every May

Redlands Rotary is known for its political candidate debates -

local and statewide races. These events are frequently
attended by the media, Rotary members and the public.